​​​​​​                                                         PS 397 FOSTER LAURIE                   ELEMENTARY​ 

                                                              ​"TOGETHER WE ASPIRE, ONE SCHOLAR AT A TIME."



  • By listening closely to one another, members aim to come up with solutions and proposals that work for the group. All participants contribute to and help shape the final decision.

  • The SLT help in developing the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The CEP development process requires teams to (1) use relevant data to assess and prioritize school needs, (2) set goals to meet school needs, (3) develop action plans to achieve goals, (4) implement action plans, (5) assess interim progress, and (6) evaluate overall plan effectiveness.

  • The SLT is responsible for using consensus-based decision making to develop the CEP. 

  • P.S. 397s SLT meets Tuesdays of every month pending on the schedule. Check calendar for next meeting!

If you have questions about meeting topics please free to contact us at 718-774-5200